Sweet Cannibalism

Design by grypesagon

Sweet Cannibalism by grypesagon on Threadless
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Oh yay! I'd been waiting for this one!


i like the idea very much, but for me the bear looks like a teddybear rather than a real one.

artdrops profile pic Alumni

It looks like a real cartoon bear to me, very nice!


I think it's a nice simplified take on this gorgeous piece of research grypes offered in the critiques:

adorable bear


Don't mind him sunshine. He's just mad that there were no naked silhouettes in the new Bond movie opening sequence.

Anyway Griff, don't worry, it's a really nice design. Just let the comments roll over you. I'm sure it will do better than my last one.


P U R P L E !!!!!!


"... yeah Zey... I can see why the realism of the bear would come into play seeing as he's co-starring with a 6 foot tall plastic honey bear." - Ha ha ha! Well said!

I think it's funny. I really love the expression on the jar of honey's face.

I'd possibly buy it... 4


yea i understood what u mean, but look at the monster thing in the Midnight Snack, for example. it s much detailed n looks more alive..thats all, dont get too defensive :]


That is one damn smart (and funny, funny, funny!) tee. Brilliant idea, deviant bears do it for me every time!!


As I told you in critique, you get a $5 from me

Mama Young

ooh that is way to funny!! They will print this one! I predict a winer! oh I mean winner!! LOL


Haha, fantastic :D I like purple better as a colour, but I think the grey-ish blue suits the cave better.

mezo profile pic Alumni

That bear had a FEVER, and the only perscription is more Bear Honey.


Hahahaha mezo! Best comment on the sub award as far as I'm concerned.


I like it, but is it just me or are there a lot of shirts with bears on them lately?

Edword profile pic Alumni

congrats on the score:)

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