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The Ending

yeah very clever, not sure if its something id wear on a tshirt. Draw it as an actual pice of art :-)

herky profile pic Alumni

cool illustration

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

ewwwww...those brain squiggleso nthe bottom of the hands look like my grandfather's sack....of marshmallows! You guys think some nasty thoughts on here geez. Anywho, great trick of the eye coupled with a unique concept gets a solid 3 from me. I swear people on here think 3 means "just ok"- look at what the point scale means people! Nice work frag.


I wouldn't wear it either but I like it a lot! It made me say "whoaaa"


very nice
didnt interpet it the same way frickinawesome did though

Raj Mahtaj

Freaky. Great illustration




I have to agree with exin -maybe it's because we have those here in the house but the lollipops looked exactly like the snot suckers we use on the baby (although ours are hospital green). Maybe if the actual pop part wasn't so spherical and didn't have the ringed lines on top...


like this way better than evolution

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