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Surrender by Josh Pereira on Threadless
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This one I actually believe you did yourself. Way to go!

Lindsay Craig

Real good. It's great how well you were able to communicate that there are two different types of guns.


Great stances and typeworks, it just lacks a purpose/message.


isn't 9 a number?


yes... 9 is a number. and so is 1. and 0. and 8. what's your point?

i think it's really awesome, and i like it on the presentation background color better than white

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Love the letter people, looks great and the proper use for the shapes is greart, but i must agree with a few others as what is the reason for being made of letters? Taking it to the next step of incorporating a concept into the piece would be great. Maybe period-sized bullet holes in one of them or having the letter spell out something with some letters being highlighted with the color of the other person within the people?

jayrawz profile pic Alumni

typography wars


i really love the design, just because I'm a huge fan of designs made solely with text, but do the letters mean anything?


I like how you were able to make these out of letters and numbers. Very cool and creative (:

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