Surreal dome

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Illustration is my passion and my main activity since first contact with the paper, which currently I practice professionally. Welfare and good humor are essential ingredients in my illustrations, attributes that in my life I always try to look forward or at least feel. Contact with the design was the stimulant for the improvement of my work. Where now colors, types and shapes can also illustrate and emphasize concepts subjectify moods. Thinking of doing work, communicating, outgoing, and report made to induce me to leave the world just drawing me to throw in the universe of design.

My illustrations are minimalistic made mostly with pen nankin on paper. Prefer well-crafted work, those that take hours and hours to be done ... I love looking at the final result and hear people talk about our work. My patience, and my biggest reason to give the result you desire, this work is to experience ways to meet within a form. I made the markings in pencil and then went Combro with something that flowed into my mind. So the end result was this.


I dig it! Although I would like to see some of the shapes breaking the circle to integrate with the shirt better. Still great $4

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vo maria
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Nice patterns!

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Obrigada a todos!

Thank you all!

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