Surfer Jesus

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Surfer Jesus by Hey Mostrico on Threadless
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Hey Mostrico
Hey Mostrico profile pic Artist

Surfer Jesus!!! :D
Hope you´ll like it!

Thanks for the comments!


I agree with biesdesignstudio. You might as well incorporate all of Hokusai's Great Wave and make the surfers situatuated inside the tube.


Technicalities, schmecticalities! This is visually stunning. I love the light-hearted joke and the details of your figures....they work nice against the style of the wave and sun. You've done well. 4


It's a cool design, i like a lot the japanese style of the waves, its is true that Hey mostrico its a celebrity in medallo?

Hey Mostrico
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Iike a cartoon everything is possible,
surfing in the top is fun!!!

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actually i bet you can find a way to put them inside the wave, the shirt is still great but only 5, $ when you drop them in


hahaha, this is great! and i agree with the surfer placement being inside.


HILARIOUS. the sheep's presence makes it infinitely hilariouser, too.

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I don't do Jesus on a tee, but this really fun and quick joke and excellently crafted design (don't worry about the people who say your jesus is "technically" wrong on the top of the wave...the man walks on water so i don't think he has to worry about if he's doing surfing "wrong" or whatever) which almost makes me want to convert to his flock. All it took was one well-crafted tee joke.

PS- going from your first to most recent subs, it's amazing how much you've improved your style and kinds of joke material. Great job on that!




This is awesome! $5


i think it could have a better effect with him in the tube cutting through, maybe even a little smaller so people would do a double take. something like 'hey, someone's surfin'... oh snap it's the jesus'.
not: 'oh what's jesus doing now... oh, surfing.'
i'm waiting for the jesus taking a dump reading the paper tee.
also, the jesus needs some shorts.



he should be surfing on the lamb, and yes i'd know that woulf ruin the joke. RUIN IT!!!


Jesus' left foot looks like a hand... that bothers me..


I'm not religious at all, but that's fucking hilarious. 4

Salty Rubberbands

Haha, wonderful graphic. I love the expression of the surfer's face!

Hey Mostrico
Hey Mostrico profile pic Artist

thanks 4 all the comments!!

Jesus is allmighty!


Hilarious, fix the location, and this is a winner.




i like the idea but i find the faces a bit grotesque...


Fix the surfers position, and it's a sure print!


(anyway, I laughed a lot! =D )


jesus surf when he like that


5$ 5$ 5$ 5$ 5$ 5$ 5$


hahaha, oh geez. This is pretty funny!


Pretty good score... I guess I'll keep my hopes up!

Hey Mostrico
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i hope they´ll print!.....i tried my best!
thanks 4 all the comments they help me to improve-


If they don't print, try a full rework with the suggestions in here!
I'm sure it will be worth it!

please! =)

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