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Lubrid profile pic Artist

Hey, this is my design, notice it's a che tshirt on a shirt, hopefully you're not too tired of che, i took my original design down because people were confused by it so i've tried to clear it up, if you think it looks familiar that's why. if you'd like to see a higher resolution version go to

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

What the fuck?! THIS AGAIN??? I also voted on this sub.


this shouldn't last long.

little_g_design profile pic Alumni

This shirt was taken down by "Ross" at threadless because the idea was getting lost. People thought it was just a Che shirt (like me) and revolted (pun intended) when it is in fact a shirt ON a shirt. I get it now :)

A great spin on iconic culture in my opinion. $4

chronically bizarre

enough of the Che shirts already, I don't care if it's Che's face on a shirt on a shirt, it's still Che

mrs. squid

I agree with ommen.


too familiar! think this! che wearing tee shirt and his face on it, what do you think?

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

yeah it sure does suck arzie, i'd buy this, it amuses me alot.

OlliRudi profile pic Alumni

haha, great idea...i saw the tumbnail and thought "fucking hell, big fat zero", but this is actually clever and funny and well worth scoring $5. hopefully everyone will agree with me


clever but i think ever the irony of the shirt is something overused
i mean i saw a lot of t shirts sayng something aboute the clishe of using a che guevara t - shirt...


yeah i agree with benny, che's image is overdone!!

mrs. squid

I get that it's ironic. I still don't want to wear a shirt with Che's dumbshit face.

miciah profile pic Alumni

i dont get it? a shirt on a shirt?.....


I love it!

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