Super Skyway

Design by karena@magicjelly

Super Skyway by karena@magicjelly on Threadless
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wow, so simple, yet so clever! 5$

bortwein profile pic Alumni

This feels very familiar to me and I can place why it does...


I just checked out your other designs
you submitted to Threadless, and you
definitely have skill in creating images.

The problem I have with this image
is that I don't know what to think
about a pigeon with a miniature TV on
its head - or maybe it's a large pigeon
with a regular TV on its head - either
way I don't have a negative or positive
reaction toward it.

I'm looking forward to your future
submissions, though I'm not a fan of
T-shirts with nudity/near nudity.

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

i'd buy because i defend pigeons.


I don't know why buy I want it. PRINT AWAY


wow this is

now to jump in my time machine and vote $5

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