Super Furry Criminals

Design by KDLIG

Super Furry Criminals by KDLIG on Threadless
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KDLIG profile pic Artist

watch out for these little monsters


the usual furspects? ha, that is so damn funny (your tee, not my joke, my joke is lame!). I'd buy it - I love racoons (I sure hope they're racoons!).


Not a bad character design - but the central focus of the scene is the digging raccoon's butt...

KDLIG profile pic Artist

YEAH! buy the racoons! why worry about the name, when people will only see the design itself,hehehe,thanks for the comments and suggestions =)

herky profile pic Alumni

great characters, like it on denim the best.

KDLIG profile pic Artist

thanks for those who like it, and I hope this will be printed cuz you deserve to wear this one,LOL!!!


I'm buying this one for me and all my neighbors. Those rascals have been getting into every garbage bin around -- and now they are getting picky about what they eat to boot!


After seeing the title of the shirt and someone's comment about the band, I now have "Valet Parking" stuck in my head. Not that it's a bad thing, by any means... just saying...

Anywho, the design is okay. That is one ripped racoon! But also, I dunno how I like the concept. The artwork is okay, but it doesn't feel like a shirt to me.


HAHAHA i love the butt!


btw.. 5$
it's totally my style

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