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Super &mpersand by loremandipsum on Threadless
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hasnt this been done before?


ive seen this a couple of times

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Yes, it's an ampersand, and yes, others have used them, but it's not like cyanidee's example is the first in the history of art design. There have been dozens of printed ampersand shirts around the web, but as long as they're of a different make up and concept it's all good. having said all that i don't find this one particularly impressive, but ampersand away! I do like the red colored option a bit.

ladrones profile pic Alumni

im sorry if this comes of as rude but this is not good typography

ladrones profile pic Alumni

its not an attack, just a critique, my honest opinion.

TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

I like the version the girl is wearing. Nice colors. :)


I'm sorry I didn't get to vote on this one. I love ampersands and I think this is an excellent redesign of your previous sub.

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