Suns Out Guns Out

Design by cpdesign

Suns Out Guns Out by cpdesign on Threadless
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filgouvea profile pic Alumni


cpdesign profile pic Artist

Thank you my threadfriends so much for your support!! I Greatly appreciate it!

cpdesign profile pic Artist

Thanks for the votes and comments! Also thanks for your opinions on the color scheme because I can never figure out what colors to use.

Chevsy profile pic Alumni

The only time I actually wish to have crabs!! Will buy this straight up :) 5 for the Win IMO

NDTank profile pic Alumni

Fun stuff!


Great work. Love the Colors.

cpdesign profile pic Artist

Was wondering what your guys thoughts were on if I removed the top two legs. They felt awkward to me and now it feels like theres more focus on his giant arms. What do you think leave how it was or use this revised version? ^

clsantos82 profile pic Alumni

great work:)... and i like the revised version, gives more focus to the giant harms, yepp:)


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