SUN Fire Fight

Design by Flying_Mouse

SUN Fire Fight by Flying_Mouse on Threadless
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kaloyster profile pic Alumni

Sunshine-inspired sub, only opposite theme.

Ava Adore

great, awesome illus!


Nice illustration, fab concept

Joelnz profile pic Alumni

cool, great use of colour

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I really would have liked someone already trying to put the sun out by spraying it with water, hence defying all time and space, but i dig the intensity of the sun in the middle of the design. Good stuff!


The sun sure does look hot. I like how the yellow matches, but should the shadows be a bit longer?

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

The colors on this are about as bold and perfect as they can be. I love this.


Awesome and I have the same question -- Do you sleep?



And I don't have a red shirt...

chippos profile pic Alumni



this does look really good.

congrats :)


yowza! Very hot! :)


Good design 5


I REALLY like this one, Flying Mouse! :)

herky profile pic Alumni

great illustration and dynamic colors, hot stuff.


I agree with frickenawesome that this sub would be better with a fire hose spraying the sun. Aside from that, I think that the brightness of the sun distracts the eye from the focus of the shirt, which should be the firefighters. I think the shirt should be another color.

jet approves

i really like it, as is. 5'd.

Flying_Mouse profile pic Artist

HOT is the main concept of this design, so not going put a water to spoil the whole image. Thanks for all comment, though :)

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

Why would people want to see water on this? ...I hate how one person makes a suggestion like that (which really wasn't even a good suggestion considering this is out of the critique section and works perfectly well as it is)

"I think that the brightness of the sun distracts the eye from the focus of the shirt." bzzzzzzz, wrong! In my opinion, the sun IS the focus of the shirt. I've never seen colors pop like that. The firefighters are just the punchline and add to the shirt.

I'm shocked this hasn't gotten more comments too by the way. I think it's one of the best designs I've seen in a very long time. FM, this is probably my favorite of all yours, and that's saying a lot because all your shirts are amazing.

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

Oh, I meant to say I hate how people make suggestions to change the design on the submission page and then a bunch of others say the same annoying.

Once a sub is submitted, most people aren't going to go back and revisit them. FM looks like the type of guy who gets a sub up and then moves on to the next one. And I like that.



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