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BrandonB11 profile pic Artist

Sun can be printed in UV ink so that it will be seen in the sunlight only and then the moon can be printed in super glow ink so that it will glow in the dark at night.

Hope you like it. Thanks.




i wish there was like a small character in the middle with a small scenery you know?
besides that, this is a great idea!
i hope u would add more stuff!


Nice and different $5

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

It's a good idea, I just don't think the sun looks very good in those vibrant colors with the size it's in right now bumping uyp against your shoulder and neckline. Maybe one on the front and one on the back, or somehow combining the sun and moon so the moon shows up with the glow ink at night?

BrandonB11 profile pic Artist

i am not 100% sure how UV ink works but i assume it only works in the sun... that being said... possibly if there was enough light you would still be able to see sun and not moon or neither... but thats what makes it interesting... every time you wear it, its something new...

also thanks for nice comments, hopefully you can appreciate this design for its nice concept and simplistic design, i didnt want to over power concept with a bunch of unnecessary flashy design

thanks again for voting


nice concept, but could have been done better... a pity I hate cutesy designs with faces...

BrandonB11 profile pic Artist

lol must be a horrible concept if there are going to be millions of them


good use of the ink effects- but it's pretty boring.


that sun reminds me of spiky balls that fall of the trees that i throw at people. i like the transition from nite to day tho. but i dont like how the moon glows cause i dont want to be seen if im gonna molest someone.


“For life is but a dream whose shapes return, some frequently, some seldom, some by night and some by day.”


this is good... i too have been working on this Idea... with the playfull inks... !

BrandonB11 profile pic Artist

ya i kinda put the placement where i did because i want to see more zip up hoodies

thanks for nice comments


very adorable. i could see many little kids wearing this! 5$

olie! profile pic Alumni

maybe it's been said already, the concept isn't bad but the main technical problem I see with it is UV inks work best on very light colored shirts, like white or creme. With other darker color shirts they may not even show up or they may be off-hue.


i like it!!

BrandonB11 profile pic Artist

but i got such hot cleavage... why would i want to not want to show it???


good idea,not very well the disign

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