Summer's night

Design by G-NOVA

Summer's night by G-NOVA on Threadless
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The shading on the face makes the woman look a bit ghoulish to me.


Shit. This rocks... 5$


The whole "random girl with swirlies and silhouettes" are being revived like zombies.


i'm not crazy about the flairs of grey and yellow with the rounded edges... the curves aren't as smooth as they can be.. kind of flat in places... the yellow flair coming off the hair in the middle seems forced too and not flowing very well. i like the flower though, it reminds me of what an exit wound might look like if she shot herself in the other side of her head...


really like the design and placement, but i want to see it on a warm summer's night colored tshirt....reds/oranges....5


get naked and dance G-Nova !

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