Summer Loving, Having A Blast!

Design by Low Digital

Summer Loving, Having A Blast! by Low Digital on Threadless
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I'm wondering where the kid doing the cannonball is jumping from. But nice blender.

valorandvellum profile pic Alumni

Good illustration! Especially on the treatment of the glass. Really great first submission.


i reallly like this!


you kno
i wondered the same thing.


Like it a lot :) Not entirely convinced by the use of colour though - the white hair on both the girls really doesn't work for me. Maybe on one of them, but not two... Green hair on one might be better ;)


This reminds me of a joke I heard once:

Q. What's red and green and goes 600 mph?
a. A frog in a blender.


Cool design though!


Yes, for some reason I keep worrying the cannonball kid is going to hit the side of the blender. I see the little reflection, but it still looks a little off to me.

Anyhow, I love the design!


You did a great job with the water and the glass but I don't really understand the blender

cintrao profile pic Alumni

good concept and artwork


Please, thoug, can you try it on a different color? I have way too many light blue Threadless shirts.


Haha, I'm a little confused as to why little people are swimming in a blender, but the design was nicely done. I'm not really liking the light blue shirt, but it seems if you changed that you'd lose your water color. You could fix that, though. Like if you used a black shirt and just made their bathing suits transparent.

Better hope nobody turns that thing on. Those little people are just asking for trouble.

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