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Summer Hobby by Glennz on Threadless
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Very nice work, but dare I say, it could be used better and more creatively with something other than a snowman. Like sort of a keys to success in the modern world or keys to designing a winning threadless shirt or something else funny. $5 for the idea


Ok, stupid. After posting that I looked at who subbed this.

Im not worthy. Killer sub Glennz, old boy.


The more you look at it the cooler it is.


>Nocturne, at 9:48am on Jan 3, 2006

So you think it could be improved... until you see who designed it?

mikemills profile pic Alumni

^ Agreed. I'm as big a fan of Glennz's stuff as anyone, but he isn't infallible - or immune to criticism. I don't think this is as strong as his other work myself, but it's nicely executed... 3


i dont think that the score should be affected by who designed it, although sometimes i tend to do it too, try to be as honest as always, glenn, amazing illustartion, but im just not feeling it.


The puddle looks like it's ready for a full volume
hat to be glued to it, but the hat pieces appear flat.

ResonantFish profile pic Alumni

Aw man! I was halfway through a sub VERY MUCH like this. Except with a cthulhu and not a snowman.



i agree with Walls Really Work


I thought the blob was supposed to be a cell, or cytoplasm, and the little pieces were organelles...Then I saw the hat, and was like, "what?..oh" and it dawned on me. I like the cell idea a lot better.


As if it matters how I vote.


Teddie: in the cartoon, the kids put the hat, pipe, etc. on a melted puddle to bring Frosty back to life ...

... am I right? ...

I like the idea even tho it took me a bit to figure it out too. I think the "G" is missing from the melty snowman on a technical note. Overall, I'd buy it because it is so clever. :) $4

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