Subtle Turtles

Design by MerryMimic

Subtle Turtles by MerryMimic on Threadless
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Great design idea. Dig the stripey feel. Even though I know who the other three stripes are, I kinda feel like it would be stronger with only the four turtles represented. Maybe I just feel like it would be more clear. Then again, I suppose the point is to be camouflaged :)


Very very very interesting concept! Love this!!!


very cool graphic representation of tmnt. hope its not too out there. very cool. Wish it was only the top 4 stripes, or just the turtles stripes.

MerryMimic profile pic Artist

Aw shoot! I started out with just the 4 turtles, but I thought it was a bit plain. I wish I had thought of simply making 2 versions, with and without friends.


Classy! I like the extra stripes - if you know who they represent, good for you and artistically speaking,it gives it that extra dimension, more equilibrium, more grounded.


Very clean and minimalist well thought!!!!! 5


Fantastic!! 5$

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