Subterranean Surprises

Design by Escape Artist

Subterranean Surprises by Escape Artist on Threadless
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Escape Artist
Escape Artist profile pic Artist

Remember those kids who didn't know when to stop... You've got to wonder where all the dirt goes though? The tunnels in the design end nicely: not simply hacked off. And of course, it can be flipped upside down for the ladies.



i was told i'd meet a man from china

dacat profile pic Alumni

Great style and technique, excellent! $5

Talking To The Ground

awesome!!!! I really love the concept... the placement throws me a bit but I think it will work ^_^


wow i really like this

Tonteau profile pic Alumni

Great idea and nice execution.


wow 5, and its amazing that tahts only 5 colors?!??!

Flying Mouse
Flying Mouse profile pic Alumni

Nice illustration, I like you style so much! Will buy this if get printed!5



FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Fantastic idea my man....i just wish the cavern coloring was a richer brown or chocolate and the rock around these two was a bit detailed...but other than that, a 4$ buy from me and a great perspective.

treebeans profile pic Alumni

great! love the colors and the palcement!!5$

The Ending

great execution!

The Jolly Brewer

Really well done, of course you'd have to do a differnt one for different countries, I'd need one with an aussie at the other end!

Bisparulz profile pic Alumni

interesting 5$

She Says So

wow. stunning. 5


That's briliant.


Great design! You should get into children's book illustration, seriously. 5


awesome! but you might have to make the girl Australian for the Brit version lolz

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I'm very happy with the score on this one, for once.

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