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Montro profile pic Alumni

The record-shaped design works and the colors are great but the really hot model takes a lot of attention away from the design.

Monkey II
Monkey II profile pic Alumni

I would tap that ass^^

mikemills profile pic Alumni

I think it all works, man. Great graphic.



chopanier profile pic Alumni

Oh!! it's me on the picture!!... I wish.. :p

label profile pic Artist

I guess I have to explain myself a bit more on the design before I see more comments pertaining to the whole "Sex sell" and this becomes a big fiasco. First and for most I took the contest theme in a different perspective. The whole idea of how now a days stuff like "Sex" is just another mechanism large enterprises use to sell us goods that at many times are bad for us. For example booze, cigars, food... etc. The irony of it all comes on how a creamy high calorie ice-cream is supposed to have this Kinky/subliminal feel to the whole design. The shape of the banana chocolate flavored ice-cream and the hot babe to the right its supposed to make you want to buy it, eat it, etc. Basically its an exact interpretation on how companies can sell us stuff that sometimes can be bad to our health and make our life miserable.


i'm going to eat this shirt

herky profile pic Alumni

where can I purchase this confectionery sweet? I'll gladly dish out a $5 for it.


i like the whole idea man... dont think the babe takes away the attention of the shirt. keep it up man

ysy101 profile pic Alumni

Great colors and illustration


Fix your spelling. Not a good design when it's all spelled wrong. Check that shit before you submit, eh?


Why is everyone afraid of the model?

dacat profile pic Alumni

Wow label, your designs in general are amazing. I think brown smears instantly may look like poop as people mention...I would like it more with an orange creamsicle look...but great illustration

label profile pic Artist

Ive never seen poo shaped that way... you guys must have some really perfect ass holes in order to poop stuff like that.


Am I the only person who see a toilet seat here??


what is on the stick, and why is it a circle? why is the flavor surreal? and the commentary you are trying to make doesn't work unless you have some sort of sex symbol on the shirt. unless the whole point of the commentary is to make people like your shirt. the whole thing is weird.


great work label!!!

would it be possible to see different colors of ice cream.. i think orange instead of brown would work nicely.. given that the print would be on that kick ass mint shirt


i like sex. and this shirt is taking advantage of that fact to manipulate me to by a shirt.
oh they learn so fast nowadays...
good work. interesting design.
do a spelling fix and you're good.

Ava Adore


Rock-Deputy profile pic Alumni

I'd buy that for a dollar! $5


creamy poo and hot girls: no thanks....together, that is


that is one sexy back! i like the t-shirt in it's own right. if it was a bit smaller i'd be tempted to buy! great job!

cpdesign profile pic Alumni

I'll give the girl a $5 the tee not quite a five but it still is a nice design.

Kojima profile pic Alumni

Hey, come on people. Who cares if sex sells? If it sells, then let it sell.


i dont get it. it looks like poop.

Kojima profile pic Alumni

I've been around for 6 days?


This is why focus groups, even if they're just a bunch of your friends, or people on the Threadless blogs, are an important tool. ALWAYS show your designs to at least one other person just to catch spelling errors, for starters, but also to see if your concept is working. I'm afraid that even with the model, the concept does not carry through at all. There is nothing inherently "sexy" about the design. At a glance, something brown and trailing and laying in a coil does reference poo, unfortunately. The human brain is wired for the "cloud-gazing' phenomena, and we identify with things that are naturally familiar. Nice execution though.


given the whole sex theme, wouldn't it make more sense for it to be shaped like a normal popsicle? it would be sort of a phallic symbol. I don't understand why it's a circle

abeadle profile pic Alumni

This shirt is delicious! and it would go great with her bikini bottoms!!

staffell profile pic Alumni

" McJamie on Nov 29 '06
Fix your spelling. Not a good design when it's all spelled wrong. Check that shit before you submit, eh?"

what a twatish comment.

lovely design sam


too bad the zoom is so pixelly


Make the ice cream bar like a banana (instead of the flat bottom where the stick is, have an already peeled banana end with the stick)

Manos profile pic Alumni

that score is shit! doesn't reflect the design.

herky profile pic Alumni

you've got to be kidding me, this score is a blatant injustice.

label profile pic Artist

Hahaha... thnx you guys. I'll try to be more "descent" next time.

ladrones profile pic Alumni

it was YOU! who did this,
i remember this great graphic from back in the day.

what a gem of a shirt, hey can you pawn this off to other sites,
i htink its a winner

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