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I think that bison are more resistant to disease and environmental fluctuations than cattle are, and that they're considered to be a rather hardy animal, in general. Maybe that's the relation to immunity? Whatever it is, I can't say I'm a fan of the shirt (or the word "immun").


i dislike the lack of "e"

Bio-bot 9000
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Gosh, don't you guys know your Peloponesian mythology? Immun was the buffalo god who gave the gift of fire to mankind, but then married a mortal woman and turned into the continent of Europe, while everyone who watched was turned into pillars of salt.


^gosh.i think you got your mythology a bit mixed up :)

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Royalratch on Jan 17 '08
Cheeeeeeeessseeeeeeeeyyyyy. No point, no idea - no print!

courtney pie

I left the E off because I think the word looks prettier.


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