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Strum A to G by Monkey III on Threadless
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i think it's pretty boring. I can't give you any constructive criticism, sorry.


Love it with the text. I would buy it right now. $5


The D chord is backwards

Monkey III
Monkey III profile pic Artist

elvisthe2nd on Jun 27 '07
um. yes on the peeing.
but, really great style. it's a huge shame that it totally looks like he is peeing. love colors, etc... please re-submit though.

Weird imagination...

schleb my comment. Fix the D please!


ok cool. Now I give you a 5


i love this, and please keep the text $5

Monkey III
Monkey III profile pic Artist

I've never seen that shirt -- I live in the Netherlands.
These are basic guitar chords. You can find them anywhere on the internet and in books.
Every one who plays guitar knows that.


Also, for A and D you X-ed out the unplayed strings, you should do that with B and C too.


It's a nice idea, but obviously due to the mistakes, poorly executed. If I were to wear this, I'd look like a dumb musician. Fix it and re-sub

Monkey III
Monkey III profile pic Artist

Yea the D and the G need t be fixed. I'll rework it. The x-ed out part is correct though. This will teach me to never submit a design at 5 am.


I think the problem is guitarists will think it's too simple and non-guitarists won't really get it. Heheheh.

Also, if you play G in that shape using fingers 2, 3 and 4 instead of 1, 2 and 3, you can switch to C (because 2 and 3 are already arranged just so) or a barred F (because 1 can easily just drop into place on the first fret) much more quickly... It's a very useful trick considering that those three chords are the I, IV and V in the key of C.




I really love the idea
too bad that only guitarist will understand it..
5$ anyway :)

Bramish profile pic Alumni

I'd prefer it without the finger numbers, and I don't think the font goes with the diagrams, but I like the colours and it works on a tee.

Monkey III
Monkey III profile pic Artist

yea you are the 3rd one who told me that.
Thanks for the heads up.

Still these are basic guitar chords. You can find them anywhere on the internet and in books. So I'm not gonna stop drawing chords just because a company named PF did it. I thought they only did those ugly monkey faces on a shirt.


I play bass, so im gonna take your word that the chords are right
c'mon man... learn your chords. Don't make us bassists look bad!

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