Strangers in Transit

Design by rckpaprcizrz

Strangers in Transit by rckpaprcizrz on Threadless
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bortwein profile pic Alumni

I kind of like the brown one better, but it still seems like it is missing something. Maybe if the guy was holding a hat that was also yellow. I'm not keen on the black line printing vers the nice shape that you have created with the color.


Wow, I really like this.
Great illustration style. I'd be proud to wear this.


i think if their faces were the yellow color it would look better, so you could see the details a bit better. i know it gives it a sence of anonymity with the faces not being highlighted, but that's a really attractive part of the illustration and i want to be able to see it better.

it's a great illo...ever thought of doing indie comics?


wonderfully done!! i like it alot!


image speaks for itself, text isn't needed
great great design


I'm always keen to see different stuff. This is nice.

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