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The ears on the "real" bunnies bother me. This is clever and well done though :-)

Kojima profile pic Alumni

funny idea

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I just wish the bunnies didn't look like scared guineas pigs with their ears down so you can't see them. Maybe one of the bunnies have their ears up so they don't look so identical? I do indeed LOVE what you've done with the bunny went much further with that to great comic effect. nice!

Flying_Mouse profile pic Artist

Okay, I will revise the bunny ears if this design get printed:)

Thanks for all great comments so far! $5 lol...


The thoughts crossing the minds of the real rabbits are great...


the recent batches of subs have been amazing. this is my favorite though. veryveryvery clever.



hee hee hee, love this.


Wow I almost thought they were guinea pigs. You should make the ears longer and more pronounced.


love the design, but when i first saw it i was a bit confused because i thought they were guinea pigs. Took me awhile to figure out they were rabbits. raise the ears and maybe give one of them a cottontail?

Bisparulz profile pic Alumni

looks great in the shirt, nice colors 5$


I didn't immeadiatly read the 'real bunnies' as bunnies. If we could see some more of the ear it would be easier to 'get' what's going on without having someone needing to stare at it a bit.

yoshi andrian
yoshi andrian profile pic Alumni

mmm.. idk bout this one, the real bunny are super and nice textures but bugs bunny is little bit off, i think..


Oh my! Print this right now!


yoshi : having the "cartoon" rabbit as buggs bunny would impede on a lot of copyright infringements and what-not.
it doesn't need to be buggs bunny anyhow, just a really "animated" cartoon-y rabbit.

this shirt is still perfect $$$$$5555



see and vote my children, see and votee.
eee. flying moose for teh win! (s'more)


oh hey, it's over. silly me.
i thought this deisgn would be getting close to a 4 overall at least.


re-submit with changed improved bunnyhead ears? i think i alot of people changed their $5 votes to 4 and such because of that one slight "flaw"

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