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Strange Delirium Of A Drunk Chicken

Design by Jebs

Strange Delirium Of A Drunk Chicken by Jebs on Threadless
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Jebs profile pic Artist

I hope you'll like it, it's a looooong story... it's the story of a chicken, that was terribly touched by those 3 scrambled friends that could have had a brillant, sad, he decided to drink a lot of beers in their honor, and finally, some thoughts came to his mind about what those three could have been, problem is that drunk, those thought were just delirious :-)


I like it...$5


The design is really well done and nice to look at, but it didn't make any sense until I read what you had to say about it and I was still a bit confused. It might be better without the daydream or perhaps with a slightly less complicated daydream.


at first i overlook the broken eggs...
but its really nice, id buy it! 5$


It's a nice drawing that completely falls apart without the lengthy backstory. How 'bout modify it so it stands on it's own?

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I agree, maybe just take out the chickens up top, modify the bottles of drink to be egg nog, and have a bunch of the broken eggs on the ground and against the wall and it seems like a down-on-its-luck chicken rebelling against its own future of being barefoot and pregnant.


i don't think the eggs or the booze needs to be there (or the names), just him thinking what he wanted to be when he was a chick. i think it really got to complicated, but the quality is there.

Jebs profile pic Artist

hi everybody, i agree that it's really too much complicated for a tee shirt design, this time, i should have done something simpler, see you next time and thanks for your comments ;-)

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