straight to the point

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straight to the point by msf on Threadless
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Sweet. i like alot!


Whoa! That's some complex lettering! Good job! And it's gold, not orange.


Why would anyone base their opinion of a submission on the attitude or comments of anyone other than the creator? It makes no sense...but I guess men going home and beating their wife because their boss insulted them and they can't retaliate directly makes about as much sense, and crap like that happens everyday. Welcome to life

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Man. Really awesome! looks really cool. I don't know why some people worry so much about if it is readable. It looks amazing. Keep it up!

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i don't know if you're being sarcastic or not, but it doesn't say dyke...
or it must be a subconsious cryptic hidden image you've found somewhere...


Is there a heterosexual/homosexual connotation to the design? Because a t-shirt with STRAIGHT written across the front and including a female-symbol-looking figure... Well, it's pretty... Hmm. It's ambiguous as to just what you're trying to say with this one, I'll put it that way.


Ah. Reading above comments by the artist has clarified THAT one.

And, momentarily ignoring the artist's unnecessarily rude language, I can say that I would hate to see this shirt printed because it seems to come from a homophobic imagination.

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apologies if i was rude, but i can't find any rudeness...I was being sarcastic...

i don't know where the 'homophobic imagination' is found...
it says "straight to the point", meaning the way men mostly react towards women...
i admit 'straight' has a double meaning, but nothing heavy

it's only a bit of fun in here, nothing serious.

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