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thats awesome! im on their side!


I'm trying not to be too sensitive and say that the "Meat is Murder" shirts are okay, but this isn't (I'm a vegetarian), but I just can't bring myself to laugh at this. Maybe if the "Eat a Cow" part wasn't there I might be more receptive to it, but that hits a bad note with me.

Of course, I'm biased, the same as any meat-eater is when confronted with a shirt that says that meat is murder, so maybe I'm not the best person to judge the message this shirt is sending as funny or not funny.

On the positive side, the celery makes me laugh. He looks like he's completely spaced out.

courtney pie


funny. veggie friend of mine eats veggies cause it's mass murder of little critters in the fields.

so, salad is murder!


I really like it! 5


Oh, incidentally, you'll never see me in a Meat is Murder shirt, either, because I feel that it's too harsh of a statement to throw at people who don't necessarily understand the way that their meat is obtained.

Just wanted to make a note of that because my previous comment makes it sound like I think Meat is Murder shirts are fine and dandy but this is offensive.

I'm done now.


I'm a vegetarian! And I would definitely wear this, it goes well with my 'Meat is tasty, tasty, murder' shirt.


I guess it depends on the person. I, personally, don't really find it funny, mainly because of the suggestion to eat a cow, but I'm the proud owner of Vegetarians Are Eating The Rainforests tee.

I'm not against poking fun at myself and other vegetarians as long as it's all in good fun and not malicious, this one's just hitting the wrong note with me.

So, yeah, I'm not saying this is bad, just that it's not for me. :)


you kids all rule.

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