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Stop the Scene by cocostella on Threadless
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I would have thought it's a tongue in cheek poke at Emo.

Emo is pop culture now, so to be down with the Emo style is to be following the crowd and becoming a sheep. Which makes it even more of a paradox.


It's a very good design, but I'd never wear it.


i like the straight edge xs on the guys hand.. hahaha.. this is really hilarious, but not for a shirt..


i really really dislike this shirt


i like the band name
death before dying
that made me laugh
id ditch the stop the scene text only
oh and the i heart dinosaurs
bc i really do heart dinosaurs
oh and the chick needs a septum piercing

i guess this scratches my attempts
at doing a scene ode to Hidden Pictures from Highlites for Kids

i like.




I think the best part is that I can see the scene kids wearing it 'cause it's IRONIC. I agree that the girl's head is too big, also I think she looks too Joan Jett to be scene; the mullet should be scragglier and nastier. I also agree that the boy's plugs should be bigger. And I still picture sXe boys not looking so wimpy andemo.


at first i thought.

"whotve these emo punks gotten into!!"

then i saw it was knocking 'em


Um yeah. Since when is it "scene" to be sXe??? I'm straight-edge, and even though it's a shirt, I still take that offensively. All the "scene" kids I know drink like fish...soo yeah...

Overall nice concept tho...


ahem. please excuse my ignorance, but what is "emo"??


lol @ 1042 days later

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