Stop right now!

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Stop right now! by xenhook on Threadless
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Well, I'd have to agree with Shin Destructo. No one I've known or met in real life has ever even heard of AIM. Which is why I hate having to use MSN, because I can feel my soul dying when I do.
Aaaaaanyway, I do like this design. The placement is clever, and it's nice to see a June submission take a different approach to the theme.


msn messenger can be fun. Not really good tshirt material.

Skipper6745 profile pic Alumni

MSN sucks, you don't even know how much. hah, anyways, it's a great idea, but I hate hate hate the placement, and a white shirt is never really good. But 4 anyways.


Hard to see but I love it.


i dont really get it. but i still like it! also in all of the msn messagee the bottom right hand corner is says mns now msn. is it supposed to be like that?

Okkin Blazamut

i think its pretty good, woo MSN!

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