Stop peeing in the ocean!

Design by Gavzilla

Stop peeing in the ocean! by Gavzilla on Threadless
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A bit of fun, hope you enjoy.

Thanks for looking.


Urinating anywhere I please is my right as a male! How dare you try to take that away from me! I bid you good day sir!

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Well, it's really about pollution I guess, but frankly I think that peeing makes a funnier title. The general effect on the fish is fairly obvious, regardless of whatever is polluting the water.

KM3 - The pee may diffuse with the water, but then again, I suppose his tear might too. Oh wait, it's a cartoon!
Just kidding, thanks for the comments everyone.


Awesome - I'd buy it - with or without an understanding of the chemical constituents of urine or diffusion rates for a cartoon fish...


gavs best friend dave....

i really like this.


haha!! Finding nemo 2! I Like this!

Gavzilla profile pic Artist

Thanks for the helpful comments Sniper Time....

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