Stop. Get married. Spin again.

Design by spencer fruhling

Stop. Get married. Spin again. by spencer fruhling on Threadless
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girls version reversed.. awesome.. i think this would get printed if it were reversed on girls shirts and like this on guys.. cool colours!


you should have a homo version where there's another blue piece about to hop in ...


i saw the phallicness, thats why i voted so high!

spencer fruhling
spencer fruhling profile pic Artist

The newer versions of the game have pieces with torsos, but I was going for the classic "penis-shaped" pieces of my childhood.


I LOVE THIS! especially because I always lose the game of life and blame it on my spouse.


I'd prefer the newer-shaped pieces on a non-yellow shirt. =)

Montro profile pic Alumni

At first glance I thought somebody was throwing away one of their dildos. But then I realized that is stupid cuz no one would throw away the pink dildo, they would throw away the blue one.

Anyway, you get a 5$


heh heh .. made me chuckle, i love yellow bit it makes the shirt look cheep


for some reason the board game shirts seem to be my favorites.

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