Stomp the Yargh

Design by Ryder

Stomp the Yargh by Ryder on Threadless
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Santo76 profile pic Alumni

Yes! RAD!


Option 2 isn't gonna cut it for a lot of us.
I yargh #1

zackOlantern profile pic Alumni

Ryder Revolution on Sep 01 '09
Yay it's up for low scoring
Real lol!

Seriously though, I think this is great, option 1 for me :D


I like how the blood in version 2 drips onto her pants.


nice stuff...I prefer v2 (for aesthetics) even though I wouldn't wear the usa flag


Option 2 gets a 5 from me! Way more unique than option 1 ;]

Dexter Spandex

option 1.
cool pirate head! reminds me of chunk's deformed friend from the Goonies!

Ryder profile pic Artist

haha, i was waiting for someone to notice that... i didn't do that on purpose but i noticed it like a week ago and now that's all i see when i look at this

Dr. Czar

option 2 way better

ndikol profile pic Alumni

wow cool :D


it has a touch of Keaton Henson to it, which is really funny considering his inclusion in the cliché sub which is up for scoring at the moment, but still.. I really like it

B 7
B 7 profile pic Alumni

yarrrrgh!!! $5 . This freakin RULES. Print!

macdoodle profile pic Alumni

it's a great illustration and i agree about version 2. i don't understand the need for the flag but it is your vision so that's cool. you definitely need to be more confident with your designs. i have submitted tons of designs and they haven't picked one yet but I believe in every design i submit and stand behind them 100%. you have talent and you should treat your work like your children and support them. :)

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