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I love how people who leave comments that aren't constructive have designs that aren't much better themselves or haven't submitted anything at all. Tshirt designs are much harder than normal graphic design.


Style of it is nice, but I don't want a t-shirt with the word "threadless" on it I'm afraid.


listen, if you can't take the critizism then don't submit you psycho.


I kinda agree with everything, not that I'm sitting on the fence. It's a nice piece of typography, good shirt color. Wouldn't personally want "threadless" on the outside of my shirt though - how about "LogoLess"? Or some other piece of twisted humour?

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Thank you those who are mature enough to leave some constructive crit. it seems that there are a lot of pissed off people who just comment some of the meanest shit I've ever seen. This is a design community, even whe n you don't like something you should still support the person for trying to do something. I guess some people however don't get the true concept of art. Like I said I'm a graphic designer and tshirts are very hard to do.


I offered valid critizism but then you found it necessary to "get me back" by saying mean comments about my old work which has already been scored. Thus you really need to get a way from the computer because you are taking this to a psychotic level instead of something that should be fun.

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