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reminds me of all those retarded drawing tests our art teachers used to make us do in high school.........she told me cartoons where not art and my faith in humanity died a little that day.....


Cool concept

I've never seen grapes with a
identity sticker directly on
them. Usually they're in a
plastic bag. Sorry, if I'm
being too nit picky.


I agree that the banana should be the other way up... but I pity anyone who is not aware of green grapes!


Ah reminds me of when I briefly worked as a cashier.. I was never able to memorize all those damn produce codes.

jmo9000 profile pic Artist

Sweet, even with the stupid "upside-down banana" the average score was above 2, which is all I could really expect for this design.

Thanks for all the comments, even from those that've never seen green grapes...

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