sticks of SHAME

Design by ilovegravy

sticks of SHAME



hahaha love it


Very nice. Wouldn't wear it though cause I can use chopsticks.


lol, same to the top guy.

i should get that for my boyfriend

nonolarson profile pic Alumni

It's so hard using chopsticks!! :)


absolutely love it
i would buy it but i am a chopstick master

ilovegravy profile pic Artist

Hooray! Thanks for all the nice comments everyone! :) I'm glad there are those that understand my pain, and/or are amused by it!!

yeohgh profile pic Alumni

TOO CUTE TOO LOVELY!!!! u have to start to use chopsticks lor!!!! cool!! $5 Loving it!!!

Monkey II
Monkey II profile pic Alumni

so funny^^

ilovegravy profile pic Artist

Hooray again!! Thanks x 3495834905 for all the new awesome comments!! :D

and re: the D: face to poofie: haha yeah, I was kind of worried if it would be confusing or not :/ (I was thinking about putting a japanese emoticon, but that would probably be even more confusing to some, haha) But anyhoow, while I like it, I'm not married to it or anything, so we'll see :)


wicked shirt $5 but i'm not too big on the translation being on the shirt

ilovegravy profile pic Artist

oh really? (haha or "O RLY" as it would be) hmm, I'll take it into consideration, since it hadn't even dawned on me that some people would want it to be mysterious :D


i have a lot of japanese friends who have repeatedly tried to teach me to use chopsticks, so i would definitely buy this!


i DO know how to use chopsticks, but i'd still buy the shirt. nice job :)

ilovegravy profile pic Artist

Holy moly, I'm almost up to 1000 votes already :O :O :O super duper thanks to the new batch of nice comments!!! ^___^ I'm really happy to see a mix of supportive friends and random threadless members here on my [technically] first submission!! :) It brings a theoretical tear to my eye, it truly does. :D

The chopsticks, however, are still disappointed in me. hahaha


Heeey buddy!! X3
You know i love this shirt already :3

fc gravy


jpiatt profile pic Alumni

haha this is great. $5

and...I can stab stuff with chopsticks, that's about it. I'll go sit in the corner and feel shame now.

chronically bizarre

hmmm, I'd find this amusing except for the fact that I'm Chinese and have been able to use chopsticks since I was like...4

ilovegravy profile pic Artist

Hooray!! Thanks for all the new comments guys!! :) as always, I'm glad to know there are those that share my pain and/or are amused by it :D hahah and yes, to those that can use chopsticks, it's ok, I am aware of my ineptness ^^; I also can't: ride a bike, swim, drive, or roll my Rs! D: I fail life!!! hahaaa

only one more day for voting :O I'm scared to see how I did :/


This is special for me because I happen to be an obsessed Japanophile/otaku who phails a life, but I can not use chopsticks for the life of me. I'd so wear this and tell all my friends what it says. If this isn't printed, then someone's face WILL BURN!!!1


Oh, and this also wins because it has my favorite emoticon ever.


ilovegravy profile pic Artist

Huzzah, 2.83! Thanks again everyone!! :) It's better than the -989293048 I figured I'd get! haha


cute! :D


really nice
but I CANT wear this one because of my super skillz : (


One of my favorites shirts I have EVER seen. I thought I could be all witty and crafty using those sticks, but no i just can't. I love it, very well done!


The Japanese for "my face burns with shame" doesn't make sense, unfortunately. The text on the shirt means (literally) "fire comes out of my face."


icruise, you're right about that being the literal translation... since when does anything translate correctly word for word! :) for instance,

very very cute, I hope you'll submit more ilovegravy!


Well now I feel stupid, because my (Japanese) wife said she had never heard that expression! Oh well.

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