St.George VS the Dragon

Design by fastjumper

St.George VS the Dragon


Robsoul profile pic Alumni

oh god, this is great... lovely colors and style

what's with the morons that have commented on this, ppl just irritate me with their stupid little pointless remarks and their "how does this relate to the red cross?", it doesn't have to you idiots, just score it based on the design... do you work at the red cross, are you a red cross judge!!!!? no

And are you a fucking retard lady macbeth? how does the dragon look like trogdor????????

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

it doesn't!!!! so give it up and don't past irrelevant links, that's what the blogs are for


nice. I missed most of the blogs- why has the cross been removed?


Love. It.


This is soo uber-cute! $5 and with good wishes that you win the contest!


I thought the knight was
trying to stab the dragon.

I like where you put
the dragon's nipples.

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

one of the best in this comp imo.


Very cute design. Would make a good normal shirt, but I had to look it over a few times before I understood what was going on (and I didn't realize that the thing on the horse's head was a siren until I read comments) and I had a hard time connecting it to the red cross.


trogdor has the beefcake arm and angry eyebrows - therefore Not trogdor

i got the "thorn in foot" right away

it's cute, good for the RC comp - and i'll let the hearts slide cuz they're very subtle



5 and $

Wasn't sure at first but it's grown on me. It loooks great on a shirt! Especially the blue one.


Good God, enough with the nipples already.

Love this design. Loved it on your blog, love it now. I would buy this and wear it proudly. I especially like the siren and the heart smoke. $$$$$5!


Before I even read the comments I thought Trogdor so I Ctrl+F'ed and immediately saw other people saying it, so whether or not it holds up in a side-by-side comparison, aspects of it conjure images of Trogdor in people's minds.

She Says So

sexy sexy love love.


I also thought Trogdor even before reading the comments. He's missing one of those big beefy arms though. And I doubt this dragon's ability to burninate. It's too cute for me, but the colors are good.

Ava Adore

very very awesome design, this will definately get printed

.onion profile pic Alumni

NICE :D this is cute and amazing ^^;


yesssssss, oh yes. this had BETTER win, cause that dragon is the best. :D and the rescue horse has a police light on his head! 5$


Excellent concept needing a few adjustments
in my opinion. It would help if . . .

. . the splinter was bigger and a different color
than the pliers

. . the posture of the knight was in a "pull" position

. . the dragon was sitting down so it didn't look like
it was trying to stomp the knight

. . the light on the horse's head had a bulb in it


sooo cool! print this, please!



Gringz profile pic Alumni

this is my favourite one in the comp yet! 5!


i LOVE this shirt
it has to win because i want to buy it

d3d profile pic Alumni

cute. i love the little smoke hearts and the dragon scale pattern.


so. adorable.

so so so so so adorable.


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