Steps of Compassion

Design by shari

Steps of Compassion by shari on Threadless
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jpiatt profile pic Alumni

About as generic as you can get for the Red Cross subs....


i like how you can never get to the top step.

shari profile pic Artist

they're steps, but they're also 1, 2, 5 steps. get it?
AND it's a big leap b/c the red cross has come so far in 125 years!
maybe i should have attached that explaination to the design.


I like it. It is simple and gets the point across while still being very attractive. Something which a lot of the Red Cross designs have failed to do. Half of the time I don't like the submission AND can't tell that it was for the Red Cross contest.

$5 + I'd Buy it for the alternate position of the shirt.

chemi hydro

I like that there's a smack needle on it. Where's the mirror and razorblade?

Big Ed

I think using 1, 2, and 5 boxes was pretty clever. And I seriously doubt you were supposed to interpret that as a "smack needle." Sheesh.


i really like this design... its one of the most red cross-related ones. i agree that adding some white in somewhere would be a good idea, b/c there doesn't seem to be enough conmtrast bewteen the reds. i kinda don't like the hot air balloon either... maybe replace it with something like a rescue ring - you know the lifesaver things they throw to people who are drowning. the red cross does aquatics, and its all saving lives. i dunno...

i like this design a lot though.

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