Stepping Stone

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Stepping Stone by briancook on Threadless
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walmazan profile pic Alumni

excellent $5


interesting scenario

briancook profile pic Artist

Looks like people want a different color (where were you all in critique?). The problems I ran into with different colors were that I needed a color that would be the right value for the underwater. This was because I wanted to keep the majority of the colors and focus on the top of the shirt so there wouldn't be an overwhelming amount of ink on the shirt. Sometimes I'm frustrated by the shirt color choices I get - no in between

briancook profile pic Artist

That's not to say it's impossible or anything, but I thought I'd explain the issues I had. Maybe I'll resub later if a different color is consensus. I highly appreciate the input.

Thanks everyone, keep 'em coming. Any shirt colors in particular?


I'd like to see it with less colors.

reneehartig profile pic Alumni

I like the fact that the design is huge so it would fill the front of the shirt, also, I like the color but I wouldn't mind seeing it on a lighter hue. Great either way :)



briancook profile pic Artist

It's nice to hear that some of you like it as is. Thanks for all the feedback, I really appreciate it - it's been helpful.

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