Steam Punk Insides

Design by Splashed Ink

Steam Punk Insides by Splashed Ink on Threadless
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Splashed Ink
Splashed Ink profile pic Artist

I wish this was real.

againstbound profile pic Alumni

Great illo, though this cocept has already been printed.

d3d profile pic Alumni

turned out great. good luck.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Always love this kind of idea, and i think there's room for yet another print of this concept to be done. I'd like it on a little or different color, but fun take on this inside looksie.

Splashed Ink
Splashed Ink profile pic Artist

I didn't remember this concept being done. If anyone could link to the other one, I'd appreciate it.

againstbound profile pic Alumni

It's an old print, quite different styles but the concept similarity will defnietly hurt your printing chances.

But as I said, great illo.

Splashed Ink
Splashed Ink profile pic Artist

Wow, that is an old one. I really don't remember it. Well, let's see what happens.

wayneking profile pic Alumni

Beautiful illustration work, and the colors are perfect!

Simpletinrobot profile pic Alumni

I've seen lot's of attempts at "drivers" around the net and lot's of attempts at "steampunk insides" but this is by far the best I've seen of either.

alexmdc profile pic Staff
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love the details and execution great job $$


this rocks! no way to compare this with the old print.


Yeah, this is about 20 times better than that ancient print. Glad to have followed it through the critiques. $5 print print print.


Sometimes i feel i have somebody inside me controlling me.
Lovely 5$

Vote here:
Dance Or Die!

jimiyo profile pic Alumni

sweet work man!


love this. :) you can't even compare this and the old one that people are referring. 5$

Splashed Ink
Splashed Ink profile pic Artist

Eh, I don't know if 2.94 is enough to justify another printing of the piloted design...

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