Stealing my Heart

Design by WanderingBert

Stealing my Heart by WanderingBert on Threadless
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WanderingBert profile pic Artist

For the Eagle Vs Shark loves competition

The whole idea of stealing a heart isn't a new one, but it hasn't been done like this. The safe, where the heart once was is conveniently placed over the heart on the shirt.

There are a bunch of options that could be done to this. The cop could be on the back as well, or the robbers and the cop could all be on the front.

Looks best on grey, natural, or light blue. (links to colour variations and bigger image on my profile).

Uses 5 colours plus the shirt colour.


I agree that the picture on the back should be moved down. Great concept!


I like it best on natural or light blue.

WanderingBert profile pic Artist

Thanks all, the placement of the image on the back is no problem. I put it where it is now, because of the fact that the model's neck was leaning forward a bit, but it could be easily shifted :)

WanderingBert profile pic Artist

That's not the explosion, it's the left over signs that there was an explosion. If it were the explosion it wouldn't have been grey and blue. Or maybe 'the Cowell ' needs to get his eyes checked :)

Edword profile pic Alumni

well done!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

This shirt is made of incredible things. Sorry to always gush praise all over Wandering Bert's work, but I can't help it when he produces such impressive designs and actually makes me want a heart tee very badly since my only other heart tees, "Follow It" and "missing Piece." 5$


I usually dread heart tees but this is great!

da Face

Fantastic. 5 and buy
oh but I agree with lower placement.


I would move the cop to the back of the shirt, and make him casing the robbers, and maybe lose the crow bar


I agree with the general consensus that the concept is an excellent one but think a few changes would make it better. For a start, am I the only one who thinks that the guys in the masks look a bit too similar to negative racial stereotypes. They look like they've walked off the black and white minstrel show.


Aww. So cute! And a nicely original take on the concept. One of the few heart shirts I really like.

WanderingBert profile pic Artist

They could be put anywhere. I did want to try and have the subtle reference to the heart on the front with an opened safe (that's why it's over the heart area) but it might not be obvious enough. They can be put anywhere though.

Thanks for the comments!


cold collards says that my statement was dumb but that he was expecting someone to make it, which means that it occurred to him as well. So by dumb he means overly politically correct and sensitive. Which is fine but if it occurred to us then it will occur to others and I'm sure WanderingBert wants to make this design accessible to everyone, not just to hicks from his local KKK-Mart. There are people in the world who are sensitive to those old images with good reason and we all need to aware of that. For the record I'm not saying that this designer or his design is racist only that it could be misconstrued.

WanderingBert profile pic Artist

fair enough spam69, even though I can't really see the problem considering they have white hands and necks.

Quid Pro Quo

Actually I love the placement just like that. Its obvious to me and I think I'd be obvious to most people as well.



i hope this wins


Oh I like the concept very much! I will definitely buy this.. $5


man, if i wore this around any educated minorities, they'd be pissed.

I'm sure it wasn't intentional. But that doesn't change the fact that they look like what they look like.


I think this shirt is great! Maybe position the safe so that it's over your actual heart (more in the center of the chest)? I don't know if that's really too important, but it's just a thought.

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