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Design by jaylovestheguinness

Started it just for the kick by jaylovestheguinness on Threadless
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love the design and meaning 5$ first comment and first to score :]


Nice design, but...
it is just me or is that Gum from Jet Set Radio Future?


wow i really like the girl :) nice drawing~ although.. the zombie things look kinda out of place in my opinion ^-^;; (i mean i know where youre getting at, and maybe im just not that much of a fan of zombies as well) but, maybe if it was something else.. like things blowing up or something xD i think that might make more sense to me.. eh shrugs

totally love the girl! would want to see her in other designs too :)


that's totally a redesign of JSRF's Gum... I should know, seeing how Im crazy about the game... but now i dont know if I really like this shirt or not because it references (visually, so to speak) a well-known character.... i like it, but not as much as I would like to...


love the zombies and b/g but what the hells the magic shovel about and why is she worse quality then the b/g

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I liked this one the instant I layed eyes on it, and now that I've seen the larger version of the image, I like it even more! Love the color you've chosen as well. It's perfect! I don't even like light blue, and I'd buy this in a heartbeat.

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