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spencer fruhling
spencer fruhling profile pic Artist

Stylized and functional connect-the-dot version of Michelangelo's "The Creation of Adam" with a couple levels of meaning for the Gmail Loves' "connect" theme.


Looks awesome from what I see. Maybe give us a more zoomed out view of the design? You have one there but it's very small. Anyways, love the color scheme, great job :)


^^ who's not familiar with this painting?? Its famous!
I went to the Vatican to see it!


Aww! was abt to start on a similar concept...
urs is too good! Just love it


wow this is amazing

igo2cairo profile pic Alumni

This is a really cool idea and great execution - I just wish it was on a darker tee, like maybe slate grey. The white would stand out more.


i TOTALLY love it. $5~!!!

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