Starry Night Gazing

Design by specialdave

Starry Night Gazing by specialdave on Threadless
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great idea... maybe use a small, simple telescope with a tripod instead of a giant floating one.

4 from me


I agree. I like the idea but the telescope is way too big. Interesting juxtaposition between the 2 styles.


Yeah, if the telescope was smaller, and maybe the person was holding it so it wasn't floating, I'd totally buy it!


i like the telescope how it is


great idea! i love van gogh and would love to be able to add this to my collection of art history dork shirts.


navy navy navy.... and tripod... $4 right now, $5 with tripod!!!

Luke... profile pic Alumni

nice concept...


I like the telescope big. If it was small the design wouldn't be as interpretive.

Alex M. Solefish

i am so glad that there's a tiny figure looking through the gigantic telescope--or else, i would have agreed to make the telescope smaller.
i would buy, as is, on navy.


Love it.


And it has to be on navy!!!


this is my favorite painting of all time! I love it!


according to astronomy/physics/quantum dynamics?... we are made of star stuff \<br /> we're all stars... :D:D ((happyhappyjoyjoy))

i like the contrast between the langauge of starry night rendition and the more sleek geometric telescope..
although it think the telescope needs tweakin...
maybe only use one blue tone.. the dark one.. to flatten it out more... you can still keep the top "glass" part with the reflection of yellow...
or there are probably other approaches.. but the telescope could contrast even more with the stars...and ether of the night sky...

i could see it on sale at nature stores and at planetariums and such ... discovery zones/maybe stores for teachers...
good present for your science teacher :D


I love love love it. Beautiful. Great design. $5.

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