Standing out from the crowd

Design by mjdesign

Standing out from the crowd by mjdesign on Threadless
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like it, but not as many red birds


Powerlines + birds design #1,485,762


yeah, it'd be better and make more sense with the title if there was only 1 red bird


doesn't really fit what the meaning of "standing out from the crowd" is.
And it's overly reminiscent of things i've seen on cafe press


I think it would work better not necessarily with just one red bird, but two or three. four seems a bit much. Its a nice design, but its been done WAY too many times already. I find it ironic that you are making a shirt with the "standing out from the crowd" theme, when its been done so much before.

cameron kim jones

not very original. there's about four shirts exactly the same, i think one's even in TopShop.


Way over done...but I still like it. Maybe on a different color.


Already seen.

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

Overdone concept with minimalistic art that comes off as far too simple. Looks like you spent only a few minutes on it. Atleast, I'd hope that's all you spent on it.

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