Stand Your Ground

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The title makes the shirt make sence, but without the title... Great design, especially love it on the pea green/grey! 4$

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I thought about making other passengers black (there actually were other black passengers who moved to the back even when she refused), but I didn't want to confuse the overall focus of the design.


I say make a couple in the back black too. It might help us to understand the message more.


Terrific. But try making someone in the back black.


invisible idiot ... ha ... I don't agree with you. I think the design is so rad, but wish it didn't have a message ... just people on a bus. But you're funny, I must say.


I get it now, but from the thumbnail, I thought there was a dance party going on in the bus.


Yeah, sorry, my bad.


I thought people were dancing on the bus.
After reading the comments I realized
I was way off. I looked at it again and it
still seems to me that the 3 people behind
Rosa are dancing together.


Fricken Awesome shirt. I'd buy it.


I like it. It has double meanings. $5


I love this idea! It's really great.
I prefer the grey color but the orange one is cool too


invisible idiot - your name says it all. Personally, I think no need for text, just different colored shirt. And if you take time to look for a sec, the message gets across, and I don't think it would be taken offensively. Loved what Miss Parks stood for - GREAT IDEA!! A 5 to you, sir (or madam...)


addition to my above comment - prefer less bright shirt color, like the second orange color, or maybe even cream or natural color.
I think that it could look really cool on the bottom of the shirt too, like wjm said.
And like BlackSheep77 and justlikeinamovie said, more "black people" on the bus would make it confusing, point gets across well the way it is


I love this. Its awesome.

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