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They come when you least expect it. Creepers can scare even the bravest of players. They creep around your creations. All of a sudden... BLAM! Your creation can no longer be creeped!

This design really works best on black/dark grey shirts. It would be possible to create slight changes and make it work on lighter tshirts.

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Saw this on Reddit :)


two thumbs up and a 5^ go vote for mine!

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@shurikangraal what proof do you have to back that up? Check my twitter. I posted the design to my followers and to reddit. Please don't lie!

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@DoctorEron Again. Where is your proof that I stole a design? I have the original Photoshop file on my computer. Show me who I stole it from or stop lying.

I haven't rated EVERY other design a 0. I gave shirts which were just items from the game pasted onto the shirt a 0. There were a lot of those shirts. Sorry I'm just using the voting scale as my opinion on the design.


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