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I spy...

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Yes, the removing clothes/skin/muscle/bones ghost one.

There's also more than one fast food shirt, more than one milk shirt, more than one shirt with moons, more than one shirt with birds, more than one shirt with gardens, more than one shirt with musical instruments...

I felt the concept was different enough not to be a problem.


very nice concept! 5

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Agreed sigrovo... a quick glance through the catalog makes it clear that Threadless doesn't have a problem printing more than one shirt with the same general items in it, as long as the specific mood or take or what you do with the items is substantially different.

It's all down to what people will buy, after all.


Way to stand up, vix! The dude in the green jacket ain't gonna make it, is he..? Solid 4.


vixyish, don't forget more than one with skulls! (sorry, couldn't help but mention it)


This wouldn't work in Europe... At least not in Norway, where these dolls are simply called Babushka dolls.

The Ending

There is an add in the UK with a woman escaping police by constantly removing one of her shells so she becomes smaller and smaller. Reminded me of that. This is totally different of course. Good work


I love it- smaller please


Haha, cool stuff!


Well, it looks like you screwed yourself out of the Norwegian market...


cute idea! :) i like your color selection too.

vixyish profile pic Artist

gigglesnort professorE! Woes is me!

Good thing people don't see the title when you're wearing it anyway...

Mostly I just wanted a more interesting title than "matryoshki", because that's just, y'know, what they are. It'd be like drawing a picture of some cats and calling it "Cats".

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Isn't this like another thing i saw once before in my life? Kidding! I think i'd like this a whole bunch more if that purple dude was popping out of the doll part the furthest out towards the viewer. I know that wouldn't make sense since only one dude could fit into the doll, but it would visually be more pleasing to me! Still, nice work.


I collected Russian Nesting dolls as a young'n. I actually have the one you designed on this shirt. :] Then again, it's such a popular doll that it's hard not to encounter it once in a while.

But seriously, I fugging love this. I'm giving you a $5 and I'm praying it gets printed. :]

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Hee! Lextasy: this is actually the one I had as a child, too! I don't have them anymore, so I did a lot of searching until I found a photo of them so I could get the design right.

Thanks all!

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Thanks! And I say, go ahead and post yours too! :)

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