Sprouting Brain

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Sprouting Brain by EN AJUSTES on Threadless
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I'll let the image speak for itself... And I'll let you, Threadlessers, do the judging... And I'll thank every single comment and vote...


I think it should be a grey brain on a black t-shirt.

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And I'm the first comment over there! But I didn't remember it when I made this. Actually, I had a tree drawing, and I was told by a friend that it looked like a brain... It's the same concept, but I think it's different enough. Thanks for the comments!


That's happened to me before, when you come up with a great idea and then google it and it's already been done. Then again our concepts might not have been that great after all, don't think mine made the cut, good luck on yours!

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Thanks everyone! I'll have to work hard on those scorings.

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