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Spreading The Word by jbyron on Threadless
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It's been a while since I've submitted anything, thanks for the kind reception. And electricblue, while your eloquence is undeniable - your logic is lacking dontcha think?


I like it alot, especially how "Ya heard" looks more like a design and isn't out in the front and bold to be seen, but subtle instead. Make the rays extend out more, possibly to the edges and change the TV blue color to a burgandy maybe?

Love the colors, down to the faded green T.


The design is great, although I don't know that I like the concept.


There's too much going on man, it's like a Stella induced bad dream. I like just the TV with christ almighty in it. But it's too busy and clumsy as it is.

jbyron profile pic Artist

Maybe I should throw in a christopher lloyd reference?

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