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Spread Your Love by sweet7ooth on Threadless
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reminds me of howls moving castle :)


since i'm sure everyone's itching for it, and i like to give the people what they want, HERE IS A SIDE-BY-SIDE WITH STRANGERS WITH CANDY!!!!

on the one hand, eerily similar art style.
on the other hand, strangers with candy is by far one of my favorite designs, and i totally love this one as well.

d3d profile pic Alumni

surely this IS seabass under an alias. no two peoples work could be that similar by coincidence.


I like it a lot.
Does look an awful lot like seabass's style though, I think d3d is onto something.

It is fabulous though, whoever you are.

eskimokiss profile pic Alumni

this is either seabass under another alias, or this person has bitten hard

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