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Design by Woss

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Woss profile pic Artist
Wear this shirt and be a dick to everyone you know.
Woss profile pic Artist
Shirt works on Asphalt too.
i dont even care about the boxiness, this shirt is just good
Well done. 4
That. Is. Genius. How long did it take you to think of loads of endings? There must be loads more... Anyway - I would wear this. 5$
slaterock profile pic Alumni
i can just see someone walking down the street with this on, and someone coming the other way stops, reads a bit of it, and then punches the shirt wearer in the gut. Lovely.
Frank Vice
i like it. haha
It's been done, although I do like the graphic element of yours.
It's not that mean. Even the most recent of these are relatively old news and have already been talked to death in every type of media you can name.
^damn. I like yours better design wise, but i like these 2 because they have more movies in them. I can guess that you borrowed some of the concept from them as well.
Woss profile pic Artist
I'd never seen those before. This concept came from a thread I started on a forum about two years ago. It was called 'The Spoiler Thread' and we spoiled like every movie ever.
And not one of the three has "It's a cookbook!" :)
Bramishxxx profile pic Alumni
This went up quick! $5
Frank Vice
i like this one a lot better than the text one. in fact, this one makes the other one look like the guy was just lazy
Wyndzor profile pic Alumni
I REALLY like the bold graphical elements and the differing fonts used. It's a treat for the eyes but a slap in the face for the folks who havent seen the films! Kudos to you Woss!
I need this shirt 5$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
hogboy profile pic Alumni
Great idea, although it as a bit of a pisser that it's been done before.... Still a $5 from me.
wearecareful profile pic Staff
unfortunately I hadn't made it that far in Harry Potter yet...:(
Woss profile pic Artist
Sorry dude :(
haha, this is great, but i would have been mad if i hadn't finished hp 6 yet!
Recycledwax profile pic Alumni
such a great concept but grrr!! u spoil something i didn't knew in harry potter!!!!
This is better than either of those lame t-shirts that were done on the same theme. This is a t-shirt I would want to wear - those others just look lame.
dacat profile pic Alumni
Aw man, I was about to buy HP 6...damn....great shirt, but very very EVIL
jpiatt profile pic Alumni
you should have ruined Million Dollar Baby also. I like this shirt, but...I don't know, it is a bit strange to me that almost everything if not everything on this shirt is listed on one of those 2 other spoiler shirts.
Ste7en profile pic Alumni
so great, and much better than the other version thats been talked about already
jpiatt profile pic Alumni
I should clarify...when I said "it's a bit strange to me" I don't mean I think it's copied. I just think that it's a bit strange. Like, a little disappointing that it has kind of been done before, but this is a billion times better than the other.
could you name all the movies 4 me?
Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Alumni
This is briliiant. I know it's originality is in question, but I can concur that this was at a forum. I'm glad you went with 'all his friends are in his beautiful mind.' $5
I give it five but it doesn't make it to the pot of my to buy list :P
Trimm Trabb
Dude, you've just ruined some films for me! 299 die?! I wanted to go see that in the cinema tomorrow. :( Anyhoo, great idea and I'd probably buy it, just to annoy other people.
The Titanic sinks, too!
i had to stop reading because i hadn't seen them all. very funny design.
i'm very upset with the harry potter thing, but i'll deal. good shirt though... jerk. 5
eskimokiss profile pic Alumni
Very nice. I just hope that the voters don't score you low for spoiling some unseen films.
very very clean and well done... i doubt that this was stolen at all because of how original your work is... good stuff 5$
Mama Young
So I'm just curious, on the "299 die" thing-- do the people who've commented consider themselves spoiled by the dying part, or by the fact that there's 1 that lived? I honestly am not sure which part is supposed to be the surprise. 'Cause the battle was a historical event. That happened in 480 BC. Except I don't think anyone actually survived it, according to Herodotus... so is that the spoiler part?
I love this. Would buy it. $5.
Hahaha. Must have. 5$
_Wheels03 profile pic Alumni
LOL, this will piss some people off... I like it!
Yours has much more style than the previous ones. Well done!
kaloyster profile pic Alumni
"Gigli totally sucked." I kind of like the other two shirts because as I wasn't aware of some of the movies yet, atleast by saying the titles/actors' names I had some clues about it. Nice style though, Olly Moss :)
sweet. i like it better than the other 2 someone posted.
i wouldn't be so sure about dumbledore - book 7 isn't out yet i'd swap that out with the "it's a cookbook" reference
FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni
People, don't even compare those horribly-done spoiler shirts on that other site to this eye-catching and pleasing version of a somewhat similiar idea. I must send this tee to a friend that thinks once they know the twist of a movie, there is no point in wathcing it. Yeah, Fight Club made it!!! 5$$$$$
stingerstyler profile pic Alumni
Great concept and excellent execution dude. Soylent Green is made of people!!!!
Cool idea! My favorite is "the kid's therapist is a ghost," haha.
you're such a spoiler!... great concept and execution.
Wait wait wait! Did we figure out if 300 die or 299 die? Cause Leonidas left with x "Body Guards". Did he SAY x=300? Cause if so, 301 went to battle, 1 came back, 300 died. O.o $5 anyways.
Way to go blow the Dumbledore thingy for those of us who haven't read it yet.
Oh, I just looked at the title and realized that what the whole point. I suddenly like this shirt.
Robsoul profile pic Alumni
I think we have a winner here. Taking Threadless by storm again! And look at that sassy model in the picture.
you should put in "bruce willis is a ghost or dead" or somethin like that
nvm. just saw it
this design makes me laugh and is presented well on the tee.
This is great. You could of course have shirt designs forever and ever based off of this concept. Oh, I just got a Beautiful Mind from Netflix, so thanks. Ha! That's the way it goes! I really should have seen it by now anyway.
yeah dude, thats the stuff.. i'd buy it, 5
I love the shirt...but they may have some copyright problems. Great idea though. Nice design.
Larlar profile pic Alumni
I want this. $5.
I want! Seriously, for those of you who haven't read HP 6 yet, what are you doing? Stop your whining, you should have read it already, and even the sign in my local bookstore advertising the 7th book has this spoiler.
The only one I don't get is "The protagonists are the Others." Is this a LOST reference or something? Or some movie I totally missed? Love Keyser Soze yay!
Woss profile pic Artist
Ever seen The Others? Well, I guess there's no point now.
tomburns profile pic Alumni
haha, i just remembered one that isn't on here that was one of my favorites: http://www.threadless.com/submission/53816/The_Spoiler haha ;)
aled profile pic Alumni
This shirt is clever, because it makes people feel clever for understanding it.
Skipper6745 profile pic Alumni
F you, Woss. I was just about to watch all of those movies in a row.
Skipper6745 profile pic Alumni
Soylent Green is from the movie Soylent Green.
I really, really like this. Really. But I don't like black shirts. This could work on any color shirt, couldn't it? Please print it, just not black or white. Anyway, 5$!
Woss profile pic Artist
It's actually designed to go on Asphalt.
I'd buy it
FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni
I really enjoyed the Village. I never expected a horror movie and I got more from it than most apparently. But Signs was first-rate atrociousness. O...have i mentioned how much i cannot WAIT to plaster this on my chest for all to be pissed at me for at least half the days out of each month?
This is great - the other two tees listed don't compare with this AT ALL! I don't know some of the movies but for the rest at least I knew the answers . However, professortruth, I didn't know that Colonol Tigh was a cyclon. CURSE YOU !!!!!!! (But at least I know something my housemate doesn't and can hold it over him, hehe!).
I love it. My nickname comes from usual suspects (verbal) and I'd buy it just for that.:) $5.
Woss profile pic Artist
You're missing: 1. The Wicker Man 2. Dallas 3. Psycho
mezo profile pic Alumni
This is brilliant. Great visual and mental impact. Subtle & clean. Sadly, I can not 5$ this due to my INSANE hatred towards all things Keanu Reeves. But you can have a 5
Amazing! And if people didn't already have all of these spoiled for them then I'm impressed that they have lasted this long! $5 & I'm probably pick up one for my friend who always spoils movies!
5$ and mad Props for getting the Wicker Man on there, one of the best twists in any movie I've ever seen, and who wouldn't like nude dancing and singing coupled with Christopher Lee and Human Sacrifice!
i love this i love this i love this. especially the fight club and potter references. i would seriously wear this shirt every day of my life. only maybe not seriously.
you just screwed my boyfriends day!
aled profile pic Alumni
Hahaha! Finkle is Einhorn, Einhorn is Finkle! I would fucking love that.
HAHAHa this is pretty awesome.. although, Neo being the one isnt really that much of a spoiler.. I mean ya it is, but COME ON, YOu knew it all along, it was pretty damn predictable... Def. fiving this one, beyond the copyright problems.
Woss profile pic Artist
As far as copyright is concerned, I'm pretty sure this shirt is okay. It is a parody, and it doesn't do anything worse than that 'What would MacGuyver do?' shirt.
Robsoul profile pic Alumni
Nice work man. Excellent response from the voters and a little controversy to boot ;-) 5+$
lol so awesome!
Larlar profile pic Alumni
So when this wins I can have some of the prize money, because my vote was integral in its getting printed, right?
aled profile pic Alumni
Why is Shaione spamming worse than a Spam salesman? Your slogans are shit. Sweet score, bud.
soylent green is made of people. haha
dude, everyone knows that this is not his first design, hint hint
kaloyster profile pic Alumni
@travioli: Woss = Mo$$ = Moss He's well known around here. Got printed I think about 7 times already. He has some prints on other shirt sites as well. He became a staff wayback. He looks like Liam Gallagher (well, atleast for me).
Moss is staff? I thought he was just really good friends with the guys
oops, im starting convo on someone elses sub, haha
Tom Brazelton
Hey, Woss. I'm the guy who designed the other two spoiler shirts that were referenced earlier in this thread. What can I say? I like what you've done with the concept. Frankly, I'm a little jealous! I would link to this page from my web site, but I'm afraid I'd see a serious drop in sales. If Threadless decides to produce this one, I'm going to have to discontinue mine! :( If you want to chat sometime, send me a note at theaterhopper@hotmail.com. The rest of you can check out my web comic at http://www.theaterhopper.com Good luck!
Yeah, seems like two people had the same idea to me. Glad to learn about theaterhopper.com, myself! You know, the more I look at this design, the more it bugs me that it says "Neo is The One". Is that really a spoiler? I mean, did anybody ever suspect for a second that he wasn't? It's kind of like saying "The Death Star gets blown up again" about Return of the Jedi...
This is awesome... you've spoilt Donnie Darko for me, but hey^^ Soilent Green is made of people. LOL Amazing! Shame it didn't win
"Shame it didn't win"? Voting on this design only ended a couple days ago. You never know if something is or isn't going to be printed unless it gets printed.
oh, thought it was older... I'll hope for it then ;-) vixyish: The Titanic sinks? Really??? I would never have expected that... don't tell me the Elephant Man isn't really an elephant!
It is sad but true!
They have to print this shirt. Its totally amazing!
kaloyster profile pic Alumni
I have a question: Moss said in 300 "299 Die", but I've watched the movie and it said King Leonidas sent home hundreds to call for reinforcement. Probably most of you might say, "only Dilios came back and talked to the Queen", but it can be that he's the only one who talked to her, and the others went straight home to their families. So does the other hundreds died while heading back home? BTW, congrats.
kaloyster profile pic Alumni
Ok that was dumb. I've watched it again, this time in HD quality. When Dilios said "hundreds leave", he just left along with the Arcadians. He's the only Spartan who left. So Oli Moss could be correct with that. But he's not. In the earlier part of the movie where Leonidas assembled his men, his captain said "300 like you asked for". Meaning 302 Spartans left for battle (Leonidas + Captain + 300 soldiers).
Why would the movie be called 300 if there were 302 Spartans? What, were they rounding down? I think he probably meant 300 including Leonidas and the Captain.
Eeeeeheeheehee! The controversial shirt comes into its own! Congrats!
Hey, cool, you made it! And I'd already given up hope (see above) Great news... now where can I get some money?
Everyone of these movies [except The Wickerman] is a major movie that, by now, no longer really holds a secret. Even if you have not got around to seeing them I am surprised that their 'secrets' still exist. Who the heck doesn't know about the Crying Game by now? This is a cool shirt.
who killed laura palmer? :p
Congrats! I'm really glad this got printed!
What's funny is that the day I finished reading Fight Club, this shirt was up for print. Way to go!
"Oh, for the 300 people questionin: Gerard sends one guy back to get the rest of Greece to take up arms against Persia, and the rest of them die. So 299 die." I love that you called him Gerard. lmao and I feel so buff for not having a single thing spoiled for me by this shirt! Actually I think that just makes me huge dork who should get out of the house more...
erebusrat that shirt is almost verbatim. kinda shady. but i like the shirt..
its the best threadless T ever!
courtney pie
lovin it! Soylent Green was just icing on the cake. (and yesh, i bought one.) :-)
Got it a few days ago ! Awesome shirt, super idea !!! thanks!
wow. i hate you (sorry, its a good design an all.. but i'm really upset at you right now)
excellent design. just wish it was in stock now
I saw this printed in 'Empire' magazine a couple of months back. Did they ask for permission?
no he didn't. it's the upper middle on the right.
Brilliant work. The only references I don't get are: "The Protagonist's are the others" and "Kristin J.R.". Anybody want to explain this to me?
I wore this for the first time yesterday and got a HUGE response! Everyone simultaneously loves and hates this shirt, depending on the movies they have seen. Great work on the design! Clean, clever and highly wearable.
You forgot one: The ship sinks! (Actually overheard someone yelling at another person during intermission for Titanic. This poor guy made the comment that he heard the sinking scenes were great and someone else went ballistic for 'giving away the ending'.)
I can just see someone walking down the street with this on, and someone coming the other way stops, reads a bit of it, and then punches the shirt wearer in the gut.
I got this for my husband years ago, and it’s one of his favorites. Any plans for a second edition with newer references?
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