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Splatter in D Minor

Design by Jahoosawa


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This design also looks great in all black. It also looks good on just about any T-shirt color. The notes at the end probably aren't in D minor but it rolls off your tongue better than most scale names. This would be a great "Loves Threadless" competition to win because Iron and Wine's music played a major roll in how I came to be with my special someone. Vote $5!

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This is actually the design i came up with when my high school asked me to design our orchestra tshirts. I knew people would end up playing the last few notes so i made them the stereotypical chinese song (with no name) because our orchestra will be the only highschool orchestra from America playing at the 2008 Olympics in China. If you want to learn more about our trip you can go to or

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Wait, are you saying this design has already been used by your high school?

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This design was incorperated into the design for my school along with some others.

I considered filling the entire shirt but i idn't think it would look good with so much splatter. I like simplicity.

Thank you for your qustions!

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I think it would stand out better against a lighter color, perhaps natural? Also, i agree it should be maybe one more measure or some other measures staggered and placed at random on the shirt, maybe even going on to the other side? Also, maybe make the final nots not so perfect with some of the splatter effect still on them, but noticeable enough that you can see it's clearly a note? Other than those things, this would get a 4$. Still a great concept.


i really like it, but it needs to be on a lighter shirt (perhaps cream or light grey?).


I like this shirt print it !! 5$

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I'd prefer to have this shirt printed on a shade of red, but it would look good on other bright colors. I deffinately don't want this on natural or something bland like that.

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i like the idea, but i would like to see more notes and more sensible notes.

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I've put a lot of thought into how many measures and how many splatters vs clean notes. If there were any more measures they would have to be even smaller to fit on the chest of a t-shirt. If i were to use the front and the back you wouldn't be able to see the transformation from splatter to notes. This is the best way to present this idea on a Tshirt.


looks great! the dark red background might give too little contrast against black

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Most of the comments seem to be about color. Remember Threadless almost always changes the color from the original submission so if you'd like this design in any color scheme please vote $5!


I really like this one, I'd buy it :)


I like how the first pair of eighth notes look like. All notes should look like that when reading music, like in jazz class. I'd want one in bass clef (Tuba player). Theres not enough stuff for use tube players.



like your idea... but the eighth notes at the end don't look good...

take a look at some sheetmusic


GORGEOUS!!! Keep it on the dark red shirt! I love it! $5


I WANT THIS SHIRT!!!!!!!!!!!


I love it! I'm sad it's already sold out


well, in the size I'd like.

Ashira Malka

Everyone here seems to have written only about music. To me, this shirt is more about the inter-relationship between music and art. Being a painter who paints to music, this shirt makes a lot of sense to me on a deep level. In fact, I just joined Threadless only so I could say this. It's a very nice, well-done shirt. A piece of art about the arts!


I'm late to the party (just joined yesterday) but I love the tee. Fortunately, they have a couple left in my size (whew)!


I'm new to this threadless thang... I'm wondering, how can one go about requesting a design, like his one, get made as an art print?

Cuz I'd kill for this to be framed in my house! TOTALLY DOPE DESIGN. :-D

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